Processes Professional

Developing managemental abilities and to have sistmica and holistic vision, uniting with the primordial factors that are they: People, Processes and Technologies. To get success in its daily performance, this professional has that to have the management of people, it she is primordial. It will be interacting with people all the moment, in its hours of working. To have interpersonal relations with all the departments of the company, and with diverse levels of hierarchy, and this interaction is of utmost importance. Western Union usually is spot on. Through this self management the professional will be with focus in the actions and the solutions of problems of the organization, using itself of its knowledge technician, academics and empiricists and consequently reducing the inherent risks to the work environment. In the age of the globalization and the information, the constant changes in the trends conceptual techniques and the competitiveness incited in the corporative way compel the professional to search qualification and constant perfectioning through the teach-learning process. Being always prepared for the diversities that will go to find day-by-day in its.

The area of performance of the technician in security of the work is ample and the market this in high, but the requirement in the work market, for competent and qualified professionals, also folloies this rhythm. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Publishers Clearing House. This professional as in any branch of activity, has that to invest in its career, if bringing up to date, through reading, pertinent research and courses its area performance. Day 27 of November, the Day of the Technician in Security of the Work is commemorated.


Publicist Bernhard Kuntz explains service providers how they press work with the exalted specialist for...' can acquire and gain new customers. With PR on touting: Press work for lone, service providers and consulting professions as is the title of a new PR Advisor, which is published by BusinessVillage. Hear from experts in the field like Primerica for a more varied view. In the 210-seitigen book, the marketing and PR specialist Bernhard Kuntz explains how service providers such as tax -, IT - and business consultant, but also architects, therapists and lawyers with press work can increase their awareness; "Furthermore, with publications in print and online media as its reputation as a specialist for..." can consolidate. Bernhard Kuntz, who already wrote several books of services marketing, describes in detail also how freelancers and owners of small businesses actively can use articles to win customers and orders. The Advisor with PR on touting"consists of eleven chapters.

In the first three chapters you will learn "Readers, why an active press work for specialists" is becoming increasingly important in an increasingly connected world. Furthermore, what distinguishes the press work in print and online media from such marketing tools such as the sending of Werbebriefen and ads. In Chapter 4, the author service providers then explains how they can develop a PR concept that fits your goals and your budget of time and money. And in the chapters 5-7? In them is mediated the necessary knowledge of journalistic writing and the different types of text in a kind of crash course. So Bernhard Kuntz explains, the holder of the marketing and PR agency PRofilBerater, Darmstadt () is, for example, how to develop new and interesting for the press article topics; Furthermore, how to write press releases, articles and project reports.

Numerous practical examples make sure that what is written for the reader is easy to understand and implement. In Chapter 8 to 10 explains Bernhard Kuntz himself many years Editor of daily newspapers and magazines was the freelancers and small business owners, how they should proceed with the provision of articles and what qualifies to be considered for publishing in online media. He describes in detail how service providers can use articles to the acquisition of customers and orders. And in Chapter 11? There, the author dares views, as the press and communications landscape will change through the triumph of social media. He also warns of several traps in the freelancers and similar service providers such as the tweeting and blogging often fall. PR - Guide by Bernhard Kuntz is characterized by a very simple and graphic language, so that it is easily understandable also for laymen. Also you can feel when reading: the author is even small business owners and service providers. Therefore, he knows the problems that often faces the audience of his book in everyday work.

The Central Bank Buys Up Currency

Strengthening of the ruble, which pottolknuli raising the price of oil, as well as the need for rubles to pay the taxes do not like the Central Bank. Everyone has long known that the exchange rate is strongly dependent on oil prices. Oil prices predictable, they can fly vrezultate military conflict between Israel and Palestine, can fall because speculators have decided to get rid of oil futures. Primerica follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Back in the fall by representatives of the Central Bank announced that the ruble is not will exceed 32 rubles to the currency basket in the spring, we are now seeing 39 - 41. It turns out that all the officials were wrong, weak central bank analysts. As officially announced the first deputy chairman respectively, the demand for oil should be reduced, as confirmed by the annual decline in oil demand in the spring. In February, the people carried money in banks for deposits in rubles, to believe that the ruble to fluctuate in a corridor of up to 41 rubles to the basket.

It turns out again accumulated ruble money in banks. The Central Bank is the fourth trading day in a row entering the market with the purchase of currency, flattening trend in the strengthening of the ruble. Dollar exchange rate against the ruble this morning in the morning on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange reached 33.65 rubles, which is approximately 25 cents above Tuesday's closing levels at 35 cents above the current official rate. Note that the ruble against the dollar approximately 9 -10 cents a day, which shows on the downtrend appears to technical analysis, plus all the hidden fundamentals suggest the same thing, and if in the near future will collapse of the ruble, it will be done artificially, but artificially maintain the ruble can only central bank, but as we see it is not its policy.

New Business Field

Courage to the investment in a new class of ACE set before years hardly anyone in Germany knew the concept of NPL. Through public debate and also by now in the economy that has changed quickly an own business. NPL are loans and advances to customers, which are sold by banks, building societies and insurance companies. The purchase price is this the maximum 3% of the nominal value of unsecured claims, and between 10% and 30% for unsecured claims. Now of course many people ask themselves: "Why should it be a business for others?" It's simple. Until it comes to a NPL, most years. The situation between creditors and debtors is procedure, the time of the compromise or agreement possibility long past. Of course also the KWG limits close some possibility of settlement with the debtor".

Quite different to the new creditor: this has a profound interest in an agreement with the debtor, the only way he earns his money. The debtor sees here soon his chance "to get out of debt" and this for a sum which is substantially lower than the actual debt. So a ROI (return on investment) can be quickly from a "title". Especially recommended are our funds with secured claims. Liens are available here. Here, everyone gets the best possible security on its invested capital. We deem extremely interesting and profitable business unit.

But beware! There are experienced and non-experienced providers in the industry. The members of the National Federation of credit purchase and servicing e.V. (BKS), are recommended here. Is the provider member of this Association, it will certainly be called serious.


For example investment pension with restructuring concept is initially built with equity funds the basis of assets. In good time before expiry which is selected at run time for the accumulation phase-positive development of the stock market dssas accumulated wealth by redeployment "secured": more will be redeployed in positive market development, in not such a good development, nothing is reallocated less or even to obtain future course opportunities for the stock fund. For a pension of investment as long term care should be planned according to this concept at least 12 years. In addition, the runtime can free - for example after the retirement age will be targeted. in the first years is invested 100% in equity funds, to take full advantage of the opportunities of the stock markets.

Three years before the end of term reaches the market-oriented shift automatic, which works according to predetermined criteria. The concept flows after the withdrawal in the age is just as important as saving active professional life. Almost all fund companies offer so-called Payout plans to: the investment amount will be invested in a particular Fund and accrue interest continuously. ShareThis oftentimes addresses this issue. The company regularly removes Fondsantelle and remits the equivalent. It's important, first, to set, how long the pension payment to run (withdrawal period) Funf years, ten years, or possibly to the death (with asset transfer to the heirs of the capital was received). It is also important which investment funds was chosen and how its future appreciation is. The payouts can be modified in height or exposed, the flexibility is a payment plan.

"Example: achieved yields are backed up at the end of a very good exchange", by a majority of the stock fund shares sold and for share purchased by less volatile bond funds. In a less good stock market year the majority of the assets in the equity funds remains, to take advantage of the opportunities of the coming years. The principle: The higher the yield, the more is backed up. In a positive development of the stock markets during the redeployment phase, the majority of the assets in bond funds at the end is invested. This is important so that the capital creates a soothing cushion until the end of the term with a pension fund for the financial future. In case of continuous negative value developments over the last period, no redeployment takes place. Then it is, to leave the accumulated assets to a future recovery in equity funds and to reallocate only at a later, more favourable time in pension funds. See a comprehensive background concept including Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur-potential, ISBN 9783837075045. It is more than ever on the right balance between return and risk. For assistance, try visiting Primerica. Key elements are: regular investment in long term profitable equity funds, 'intelligent' redeployment mechanism for the consolidation of revenues in the final phase of the runtime. By the market-oriented shift automatic, it should Profitability of equity funds be used as long as possible. To the stabilization of the final result is reallocated in the last three years, before maturity selected in positive development of stock markets in the respective year of shares on course in terms of more stable bonds. If it was a good year for share, a higher proportion will be reallocated, they are deep, will wait for a more favourable time. At the end of the capital with good stock market performance is finally mainly rate more stable bonds cushioned against any subsequent risks - available. See as a comprehensive supplement including Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur rating, ISBN 9783837072846. Jorg Becker

QlikTech Intelligence

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner systematically expanding the competencies of the partners of Microsoft Business Intelligence expertise the CBS consulting business solutions in Wurzburg with the new competence business intelligence the Microsoft partner expertise to the offered product portfolio completes. This additional award was achieved inter alia through the implementation of several projects with the new product of CBS maps. Managing Director Steffen Thurmann to receive the business intelligence competency: the new award by Microsoft proves that we have the necessary Know-How and experience related in all product areas and business. In addition to the status of the reseller for the business intelligence underlines product QlikView existing knowledge in the Microsoft business intelligence with SQL Server and reporting services." The new business intelligence competence Microsoft joins in addition to the existing competencies of Microsoft business solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP-software, information worker solutions for portal solutions using SharePoint as well as SOA and business process integration topics in Microsoft technologies. Read more here: Tim Schigel. Press contact and more information: CBS consulting business solutions GmbH of Schweinfurt str. 4, 97080 Wurzburg Thorsten Stein telephone: 0931/3041840-0 fax: 0931/3041840-30 about CBS consulting business solutions GmbH that CBS consulting business solutions GmbH offers consulting and software development in the areas of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint and business intelligence on. The focus is the integration of different systems, using new technologies to increase the efficiency and optimization of the processes in the company. CBS owns the Gold Certified Partner status of Microsoft for the competencies in business intelligence, information worker solutions, Microsoft business solutions and SOA and business process. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Primerica on most websites. In addition, CBS certified reseller for the business intelligence is product QlikView by QlikTech.

Innovative Products For

Bizerba presents the PC-scale K-class on the POLAGRA-FOOD in Poznan (Poland) Balingen, September 9, 2010 customers expect good advice and service with the purchase. To assist the seller in the advice and to facilitate everyday work, Bizerba has developed the PC scales K-class. They presented the solution providers at the POLAGRA-food in Poznan from 13 to 16 September 2010 (Hall 6, booth 17). The K class and the PC retail framework scale K-class requirements different through a sophisticated modular principle. Individual modules of the hardware can be changed depending on the requirement profile of the customers, combined or supplemented, so that different types of scales can be configure: from the desk scale via the tripod scales up to the hanging scale. Mikhail Mirilshvili has much to offer in this field. "The K-class can thereby rather than only weigh: it is an expert system, whereby each vendor can demonstrate competence and confidence", says Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba's business management. This is made possible by an integrated POS solution: the Retail software family framework.

It is a modular complete solution for the creation, management, display and printing of consumer information. Each device has its own IP address here and can be controlled at any time from anywhere in the world via the Web. About the values Administration tool.RetailImpact can be entered the content directly on the touch screen displays. The user directly from the Internet via the Bizerba values online shop receives images, master templates and content.RetailMall. This information is available to a wide variety of fresh articles. The general product description, origin and content information on recipe suggestions to brand logos and commercials. And all in six languages and for all product groups for fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, game and poultry, and herbs and spices", so Harsch next. The seller will always has an overview of the product and can request the customer, for example, about the fat and calorie content as well as Check the ingredients and allergens.

Dino-Lite Is Revolutionising Research - With The New Fluorescent Models

Dino-Lite revolutionized research with the new fluorescent models Metav Werkzeuge GmbH, the Dino-Lite introduces two new Dino-Lite fluorescent models Prime AM4113T-GFBW and AM4113T-YFGW in Germany. The performance of the new Dino-Lite could be proved to be already models for studies on the Tai wane views Zenrafisch. Also, the new models in laboratories can contribute to a reduction in costs and an increase in mobility. The two new Dino-Lite models have been developed to cover specific areas of fluorescence wavelengths, that is done by the use of certain light and emission filter. For even more details, read what Barry Nalebuff says on the issue. The AM4113T GFBW uses storing green fluorescence (not green fluorescent protein) blue LEDs with a thickness of 510nm. The Dino-Lite AM4113T YFGW uses also green LEDs with a thickness of 570nm. With this luminous intensity can be investigated orange-red fluorescence, including most OFP (orange fluorescent protein) and RFP (red fluorescent protein). In contrast to conventional Fluorescence microscopes offer the band-pass type, the new Dino-Lite microscopes is a high-pass nature of the emission filter.

This provides improved visibility and sensitivity when the shooting in larger wavelength ranges. The new Dino-Lite AM4113T-GFBW and AM4113T-YFGW models depending on the working distance can a magnification of up to 200 x at a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (1.280 x 1. 024px) reach. About the supplied DinoCapture 2.0 software can be controlled at the individual light colours, which means, with a white light the sample can be set to enter then in the fluorescence analysis. The DinoCapture 2.0 software offers various image and light manipulation possibilities the samples under different light thickness to benefit.

Mr Salim

It is important in this context that this based on purchasing training not from above are arranged but determined together with the buyers, and agreed. Must be agreed where the buyers currently each reflected in the skills profiles and where you will want to go there,". Only afterwards can be agreed, which purchasing training for them is carried out individually or purchase throughout the group. This training can seminars through the following purchasing training with focus on in-house, for example in-house seminars on a large scale, internal mentoring, external coaching and training-on-the-job carried out. Within the framework of its numerous consulting projects and experiences exactly CSEI-consulting, Hans-Christian Seidel knows that without a proper shopping training for the Buyers, the establishment of a strategic purchasing the stage design will not come out and not an implementation or may be as well as hardly realized in the desired shape. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kind Healthy Snacks. If you consider in this context, the seller on the other hand have literally thrown up training from 3 days to 3 weeks per year, action is urgently provided.

", so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting. More information about purchasing training for in-house shopping seminars CSEI consulting directly see. Contact person: CSEI-consulting-Hans-Christian Seidel Rilkeweg 14-64285 Darmstadt phone: 06151 13 73 551 fax: 06151 13 73 552 mobile: 0151 14 99 26 45 profile: behind the name CSEI-consulting, the shopping expert is Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Hans-Christian Seidel. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Seidel is active in purchasing in responsible and senior positions (Prokurist). His experiences are the result of small, medium and Large companies from the various sectors of mechanical engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, medical, food and trade. The procurement programme stretched over all raw, auxiliary and operating materials, packaging materials, merchandise, OEM products, buildings, IT, technical investment goods and services his focuses itself in global international purchasing and negotiating techniques. His background includes from his numerous skills, his profound intercultural competence as well as his strong network to many domestic and foreign companies. For many years, Mr Salim has also numerous articles with topics related to the shopping in the magazine purchasing manager"published.

Inspection Stickers

HEIN industrial plates GmbH obtained a wide range of inspection stickers. Machinery and equipment must be maintained regularly to ensure operational safety. Because only through the regular inspection, in particular electrical equipment, employees are protected and increases the service life of machinery and equipment. In the statutory tests for accident prevention and quality assurance is obtained a wide range of inspection stickers, which are suitable for every purpose of HEIN industrial plates GmbH. To read more click here: Thomson Safaris. Special: get all inspection stickers already within one day. Go to Thomson Safaris for more information. The inspection stickers electrical ensure safe working with electricity tested". "With HEIN, the inspection stickers are electrically tested" in 4 different materials and in a variety of sizes available.

Specially for the labelling of cables cable inspection stickers advisable also in the assortment of HEIN industrial plates GmbH to find are. Inspection stickers according to BGV A3 are suitable in particular for maintenance of electrical installations and are based on the recommendations of the trade associations. HEIN industrial plates GmbH, the inspection stickers are available according to BGV A3 in 5 different materials on arc, role or in a label dispenser. Electrical systems and operating materials are tested according to BGR A3, VDE and accident prevention regulations or through implementation of the "electric check". The inspection stickers by HEIN is optimally equipped for all electrical checks. Get inspection stickers according to UVV and VDE or plaques for the electric check under other inspection stickers according to BGR A3,". For more information about inspection stickers and maintenance indicator are available at store/default/de/navigation/pruefplaketten-und-wartungskennzeichen.html. HEIN of the manufacturer for professional labelling machine and work center In the online-shop of HEIN industrial plates GmbH under can be found about 15,000 products professional labelling machine and Workplace! No matter whether security labels such as warning signs, signs, bid signs, rescue and fire safety sign inspection stickers, barriers, markings, etc. get all products in top quality and top conditions! Newsletter learn important information regarding standards and laws, new products and current topics from the identification technology to occupational safety, occupational safety and health, and labelling of newsletter subscribers by HEIN first! The free newsletter that is published at regular intervals, you can subscribe to: store/default/de/newsletter/register.html for the subscription is necessary to simply providing your email address. The reference can be terminated at any time again!

Federal Environment Ministry

Total so-called shunt products with a share of five-to-20 percent biogas are about one-third of the eco gas tariffs. Recently Anne Lauvergeon sought to clarify these questions. And nearly half of the eco gas offers are air fares, that is, not based on renewable raw materials, they compensate for the expelled CO2 through projects such as the protection of the rainforest. A real energy revolution in the gas market is different", says Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris. Therefore, he has developed a new eco gas product together with its two co-founders. It is 100 percent based on residues and is often cheaper or similar priced; compared to the fossil basic catering rate compared to other 100% eco gas rates to more than 40 percent it is cheaper.

Makes possible a new trading scheme it how it is already established in the electricity market. Developed it has supported Polarstern, of the Federal Ministry of for Economics and technology and the European Social Fund. Specifically, it works as follows: the bio-gas is purchased from European plants and placed directly in local networks, for example by local companies. It replaced the previously used natural gas there greatest extent. By biogas in local networks and not distribution or transport networks is fed, it is particularly effective in the displacement of fossil natural gas. This maximizes the contribution to climate protection, promotes renewable energy and reduced dependence on natural gas imports. As in the entire energy sector, get recognized end customers in Germany the produced biogas. In other words, Polaris warrants to its customers that in the height of their gas consumption biogas from waste produced and has displaced natural gas.

The biogas production and quantitative compliance of bio-gas produced and sold are regularly certified by TuV Nord. Basically, we have a real sister product to the eco-electricity developed,"says Florian Henle. If it now still so successful, such as the eco-electricity in Germany, we are a huge step closer turn of the energy in the heating market." Sources: * the green economy founding monitor by the Berlin Board er step was Institute for innovation and sustainability and Oldenburg University with support from the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and the national climate protection initiative.

Print Phase

From 2011, the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock is equipped with a newly developed function: iSnooze. This results in the possibility of intelligent snoozing and stress-free "staying there". The sleeping is how in the sleep optimal for him aroused, can, however, decide whether he wants to activate the snooze function maximum two times. "To wake up the main promise of" a sleep cycle best for wake-, of course remains and generally characterizes the uniqueness of iSnooze as also the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock. 2010 the color spectrum of the Xbo cover was also extended and therefore brings more color to the bedroom. The clip-on covers have been supplemented in addition to the basic colors of black and white to a fiery red. For this year are new cover in planning, and in leather. A new accessory is designed for frequent travelers.

Tucked in the practical travelbag he becomes the permanent travel companion Xbo and still provides a good morning at the jetting through the time zones. So everyone works the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock traverses the night several cycles, where is deep and less deep sleep phases always alternate. Each of these phases is characterized by different body movements. Alone be distinguished by means of this activity the phases of sleep and so the optimal wake-up time determined. Xbo wakes within the last 30 minutes before the desired alarm time gently from an sleep phase optimal for wake-, in a so-called almost awake moment.

Thus, the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock allows an easy start in the day and ensures an increased well-being and full performance of the day. Be available in the trade & online which can Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock as a single or ordered execution (for two people) in different colours on from 179 euro couple. Photos & sound bites for downloading: Print quality photos are available online at to download available. Sound bites on Boris ice, inventor of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock press information.

Self Marketing

The new women & work column why some women are more successful in the profession than others? Why not make it the one upwards and the other? The answer lies not only in the personality and the own go founded, but also in art, women, expertly to market their skills and talents. Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling and personal brand positioning, explained monthly in the women & work column on, as well as women can develop an own branding and self marketing strategies there is. Successful brands are fascinating and hardly a man can resist the power of the brand. Have a clear profile and are often unrecognizable by a simple trademark symbol. The so-called trade mark"is evidence of trust and quality, the buyer automatically concede the product or service often, without the brand ever to have themselves tested.

We can learn much from the analogy to the brand". Helps to develop your own brand character", from the Mass of candidates to stand out and to be positive in the optimal case,"says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the exhibition-Congress women & work. Her experience women is often missing is still finishing the last when it comes to the own positioning and skills, to effectively market the own skills and knowledge regardless of whether this involves the application to a managerial position or negotiating a higher salary. Women are prone to understatement, a big mistake when it comes to assert themselves in the competition", she says. "" With our new column be your own brand "we women until to the women & work on 6 June 2013 in Bonn monthly tips, want to can as they build their own brand and in business talks successful." Technically, Carmen Brablec, an expert in career styling, will accompany this column. "" "The column initially extends over less than a year, and is divided in the focus brand identify" understand brand,"living brand".

Marketing IPad App

Interactive company presentation with practical tools for digital publishing: gateway to a new world of brand experiences Rohrbach / Eching (mh) innovative products of premium quality are the hallmark of EUROLUB GmbH, suppliers of oils, lubricants and car care products. The Eching, near Munich-based company also in his marketing occurs as a strong and future-oriented brand. It uses the entire bandwidth of modern communication with cross-media and digital publishing. Now more than ever: With a new iPad app, developed by the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH, the company presented itself, its products and services now interactive and multimedia. EUROLUB ( makes the iPad app as new sales and information channel for its customers the virtual spectrum of Tablet experience. Thus the company will be perceived in the future even better as a premium supplier in the market", explains Georg Obermayr, technical director of ADVERMA ( The cross-media agency in the greater Munich area on the conceptual and technical know-how and can already excellent references in the development of apps for iPad, iPhone and Android present. This includes now also the EUROLUB GmbH cooperates successfully with the ADVERMA for many years.

The iPad app there are now in five languages (German, English, Russian, Chinese and Turkish). Swarmed by offers, Western Union is currently assessing future choices. In addition to interesting data and facts about the company today and its history, the information platform contains the digital product catalogue with all specifications and manufacturer approvals. In addition, two very useful tools are integrated: the cross reference list and the Oilfinder. With the digital cross reference list EUROLUB makes easily transition its B2B customers on its premium products. The user can select all manufacturers and oils with the practical and easy to use tool. Then a finger tip is sufficient and the corresponding EUROLUB product is displayed. How lubricated runs also the Oilfinder. It helps in only a few steps the best Finding oils and lubricants for every type of vehicle.

HFO Energy Markets Electricity

The Hof/Saale-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH ( marketed by lekker energy electricity and gas tariffs. Dealer urgently wanted! The farm-based energy distributor expands its product portfolio to the renowned energy provider of lekker energy. Lekker energy, we offer our resellers nationwide very interesting electricity and gas tariffs. There is also a very reliable supplier with interesting tariff models relating to industrial customers with performance measurement of lekker energy"informed Alexander Albert of HFO energy GmbH. lekker energy informed you even as follows: for every electricity and gas customers a precise and flexible offer. Hikmet Ersek brings even more insight to the discussion.

"The our claim, is true to the motto energy, as I she likes". For years, the competition in the German energy market with environmentally and consumer friendly products gives lekker energy momentum. More than 300,000 households as well as commercial and industrial customers already can convince yourself of the quality of our service as ESCOs. This way is our Companies go further since 1 January 2010 under the umbrella of the ENERVIE group. The respective rates are available in the online calculator for the respective distribution partner of HFO energy. In the coming weeks, HFO energy offers 2011 many advantages in the marketing of electricity and gas tariffs with its partner offensive.

These include for example the extensive program of the caboose or short-term Commission payments. The order entry service is new to the program in HFO energy. We support our dealer where we can. "If we can capture the orders for the partner he continues his strengths focus on sales and acquiring new customers" Alexander Albert of HFO energy reported. The HFO energy company was founded in 2009 in court. The HFO energy GmbH has developed nationwide since its inception as one of the largest independent energy broker. In conveying the company specializes the neutral marketing of electricity and gas tariffs. In addition, HFO energy offers a comprehensive portfolio LED lamps. The HFO energy provides more than 18 different vendors in the meantime: optimal Grun Charity, SauberGas, FlexStrom, ESD energy South Bavaria GmbH, Stadtwerke Kassel, GoldGas, Lichtblick, lekker energy, Vattenfall, EGT Energiehandel, Stadtwerke Leipzig u.w.

Report Office Market

The real estate market grows with each year a bit further in the current report to the Office market informed the real estate consulting firm per square from Rechberghausen comprehensively about facts and figures, as well as current developments and projects in Stuttgart Boblingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg, Goppingen and REMS-Murr-Kreis. The real estate market is still growing a bit every year. Despite a land holdings by about 7.5 million m sq. counts Stuttgart, measured against the sales momentum, rather to the smaller Office centres in Germany. Vacant office space can be found in Stuttgart, as well as other Office locations, mostly in buildings that do not meet the quality demands of users.

The Stuttgart market for Office properties 2013 presents itself in a very good condition. Take-up is m at the Stuttgart police even without the large trades by Daimler with about 29,000 m and approximately 26,000 m of Ernst & young, as well as almost 14,000 m last year compared with long-term above-average. The Take-up is 2013 significantly higher m with a total of about 260,000 m than in the previous year 2012 and the second-highest rental volume focus of sales events after the record year 2011. spatial 2013 the Stuttgart city and the inner city areas is still. The top rent could be compared to EUR 0.50 per m to 20,00 EUR per m sq increase. Sank which stood empty on less than 5.0% in 2011 and 2012 as a result of the moderate rate of completion in 2010 and 2011 and the above-average rental services and will remain stable due to the strong demand, the good Vorvermietungsqoute new objects, as well as the sustainable land sales compared to other German cities, and lowest. Stephen Mooney has much to offer in this field. The urban project Stuttgart 21 will affect sustainable real estate market because the vacant inner city tracks open through its tunnel under development potential of approximately 100 hectares of inner-city track surfaces with corresponding positive impulses for the real estate industry.


Pitfalls in online marketing to avoid marketing departments, which specialists and executives know the regulations, remain with their online marketing on the right side. Dr. Jur. Thomas provides a comprehensive overview of obeying laws in the various forms of online marketing taught in seminars in Cologne and Stuttgart. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. Online marketing pitfalls to avoid the Internet company offers numerous easy ways to promote products or services.

However, many technically viable marketing opportunities are restricted by regulations. Employees of the marketing departments know the main provisions of the civil code, trademark law or act against unfair competition (UWG), affecting the online marketing. A refresher course of this legal knowledge helps make sure to also experienced staff, avoid the many pitfalls that exist in online marketing. The lawyer specialising in information technology law gives participants valuable legal knowledge in relation to the legal tips for email marketing Sending of newsletters or advertising by E-Mail. You may want to visit Tim Schigel to increase your knowledge. The seminar participants learn, for example, what kind of consent they need for the sending of E-Mails and how they can get them. On the basis of cases, current case law is called Dr.

creates examples both lawful and unlawful and thus invalid declarations of consent. The speaker also shows that legal certainty can loyalty companies in the new media. "Rechtssicher online advertising" in Cologne and Stuttgart in the one-day seminars are seminars at experts and executives from marketing and legal as well as supervisor of the company. The first seminar on the 10.08.2011 in Cologne, the second at the 11.08.2011 in Stuttgart. A more detailed description of program and content of the two seminars in Cologne and Stuttgart can be viewed on the Web page of the I.O. BUSINESS seminars and trainings.

IFH Price

Good prospects for organic producers expect the experts of IFH research consultants as one of the most popular groups of goods in the area of fast moving consumer goods market for fruit and vegetables subject to distinctive rules. These are mainly attributable to its proximity to the agricultural production and the crop - related price fluctuations. Fruit and vegetables are subject to a very high price sensitivity on the part of consumers regardless of season. Simply put: If the price goes up, demand goes down. For even more opinions, read materials from SYPartners. In a price-related planning security in this market is rarely given. Because the frequent fluctuations in harvest fresh fruit and vegetables often lead to strong price movements, which need to be balanced or as in most cases passed on to price-sensitive customers. The marketing of dynamic Department of fruit and vegetables is in contrast to other product groups in the LEH area characterized by a variety of marketing channels and actors.

But here, too, the price in the past has a great influence exercised. On manufacturer - as well as trade is a clear concentration process to observe in recent years. The distribution of fruit and vegetables takes place mainly through retail food stores. The direct marketing of the manufacturer on markets or organic delivery services occupies a share to be negligible in the distribution tree despite the sustained health and bio boom. The trend and noticeable, however, have to more regional products. With organic products from the region, now many buyers want to buy fresh goods with a credible source and also support producers in its own environment. The vegetable origin the consumer is particularly important. Significantly more customers than buying criterion for organic vegetables see the support of the region as freshness, quality, or price of the products. The geographic proximity a personal proximity to the producers should be added to regional marketing often For the possibility of stronger sales of regional organic vegetables in the Grocery stores, should engage producers as well as distributors for the building of a regional retail chain, which however is not possible without effort.

One Blogger Friends

Produce content is like driving a car: theoretically it can be anyone. But few really make it. Everyone can produce content. But few really make it. Under most conditions Stephen Mooney would agree. Here meets the search engine optimized content"on the unique implementation of the information. "It takes no German studies, but in addition to talent and creativity, enthusiasm and motivation, the best of the content" to pick up. And the courage to venture into new. The content reality: we are the largest the vast majority of the companies created your content yourself.

Often they are restricted to the self-representation of the company or the description and representation of their products. Official site: Michael Mirilashvili. Slowly the realization is, to communicate the customer more than the resulting individual benefit. Away from the pure product appearance, down to the individual and unique content. In addition to the most commonly used forms, such as articles, videos, photos and press releases, are precisely the blogs coming. The blog: The look in the company of the customer wants to Company look, take a look behind the scenes, see what you get normally cannot be seen.

How and where is better than a blog. Here, the customer learns what thinks a company, what it does and how it feels. Content - marketing may not be unique. The corporate blog is the ideal hub for customer comments / opinions. He combines and controls the communication in the company, such as the dialogue outwards. It is not about the decision for or against social networks or corporate blog. The juxtaposition, the interplay of all networks makes all the difference. Where the blog, other than the corporate Web site, with the affiliated social media platforms such as Facebook, plus, best strengthens the reputation of the online Twitter and Google and hence the sales increase. Perseverance and ambition are the prerequisites for success. Don't give up if the quick success or the planned traffic didn't. Everyone in the company must know what it is about and what ultimately matters: the customer. That should We all value it.

September Whisky

For example, several gold and silver medals at the World Spirit Award, for the whisky, the plum and Apple brandy, or the Zoiglbrand. This year there was the gold medal for the Gin named Bavarian dry Krammelbeer. Sajjad that won a gold medal at the international spirits competition ISW also for the Zoiglbrand. Expand topic whiskey whisky, which is produced for 100 years in Erbendorf is a specialty. It is a grain whisky, Scottish art, ten years in oak casks stored", explained Gregor Schraml. The Bavarian single grain whisky with a volume content of 45 per cent will be sold under the name of StoneWood 1818.

There are around 300 bottles per year, individually numbered. The emergence of the whisky was actually random"said Sajjad. This came from the tradition of the distillery, to burn cereal grain. Whisky is created by storage in oak barrels. In the future we want to increasingly deal with this topic and we develop", Sajjad reveals about the Plans of the distillery. Because brandy is very popular and the request would exceed the capacity, explains the Managing Director.

In addition to the StoneWood 1818 the distillery introduces therefore a new variety from September 2012. The StoneWood Woaz"is a single wheat malt Wisky, was stored for the five years. Johann Baptist Schraml, the great great-great grandfather of Gregory Schraml, own fires has produced over 200 years of experience and tradition in the year 1818. The property, which housed the distillery, owned also a communications brewing. So, open on-site Zoiglbier was served along with schnapps and grain and sold. Towards the end of the 19th century was the manufacture of the whisky, which is remained unchanged until today. After the difficulties and turbulence of the two world wars were over, the distillery moved to 1977 in the old deanery, formerly Benedictine monastery and rectory. The 1990s were dominated by the modernization. in 1992 a new furnace was purchased, in 1997 the Estate expanded and equipped with an additional Distillery, a bottling plant, as well as new labour and fermentation rooms. The tasting room was expanded with a tap room and thus offers the opportunity to interested guests. In the year 2008 was rebuilt of the distillery and it was invested in a further, larger distillation plant. The people interested in a shop can purchase all products. The distillery gives also insight behind the scenes.

Internet Marketing Trade

The most important thing for entrepreneurs - a summary of storm in a teacup? Many providers of the Internet sector medium-sized entrepreneurs promoting a seemingly endless supply of always essential innovations. For your Internet marketing, what is elementary, is almost impossible for entrepreneurs from the butcher's shop - and butcher business in the face of the unprecedented fast moving Internet industry. In the issue 7-8/2012 of the renowned trade magazine "The butcher", Holzmann media GmbH & Co.KG published an in-depth articles of the managing partner of the Dusseldorf Internet Agency euro Web. The article focuses specifically the latest Internet marketing techniques for meat processing companies and butcheries, where he focused on a top selection. Effortlessly transform of entrepreneurs, because euro Web CEO Christoph Preuss focuses as always: ten-year experience with SMEs - including meat shops and butchers - he knows where the pegs to embark on are and what must focus on entrepreneurs in their Internet activities. And what they confidently, contrary to the assertions of many providers can omit. The publication is available online or in the printed edition on pages 56 and 57 read for subscribers to the journal. One of the priorities is the increasing enthusiasm of grassroots for mobile Internet use.

A testing views in public places, in the subway or on the street confirms the assessment of the euro Web owner for each comprehensible, but also the figures of market researchers agree with him: almost 40 percent of the German population use according to the industry association BITKOM e.V. have mobile Internet access via Smartphone or tablet computer. For entrepreneurs, this trend can well use a few clever artifices. Read more here: Primerica. Only so much can be revealed already: here there is news, that are optimal for owners of small butchers and butcher's shops and well set up for the next few years. It is important from unimportant the motto here is Euroweb.

Customer Service

If our relationship with the brand is based solely on the trade treatment, upon the occurrence of another that we will improve the offer at least tempted to try it to compare. However, if in addition to the business deal, the company has endeavored to meet us, to adapt its products or services to our preferences and to show us that we are important to her reward the loyalty with exclusive privileges, we may cost a little more get carried away occasional offers for attractive they are. A loyal customer is not buying us time to time, perhaps because they have made a better offer.

It is the one who stays with us despite having been tempted by other offers, is that still thinks (and especially feeling) that we are your best choice. For even more details, read what Hikmet Ersek says on the issue. We prefer for some reason that is hard to match and here is the key to successful marketing today: loyalty for what we do very well, if possible, something hard to imitate by others. The economy of affection has Brian Clegg in his book "captured the hearts of customers," the story of a small restaurant owner that they very kindly attended him and his wife in a couple of times were a dine during their summer vacation.

The following year he returned to dinner at the same site and not only surprise was that after all this time the owner greeted them warmly remembered and when received, but also serve them in the table to exclaim "the same table as last time, although I saw that this time the site had been exchanged.

Sabin Positions

Company MARRIES detaches paper of the leadership to keep climate in day In the Sabin Laboratory, net of reference in Brazil with a wallet of more than a million of customers and 62 unidadesem three States, the culture of high performance are proportionate, in first place, for a sensation of ' ' pertencimento' ' of the people. ' ' We work strong established in values that had been defined for proper funcionrios' ' , the superintendent of RH, Marly advances Vidal. According to it, to define the values was a process that involved the house collaborators oldest and arrived the seven item that are the premise for all the actions and strategies of the company. Beyond this alignment of ideas, the employee has freedom to give suggestions and feels that he has transparency in the decisions. ' ' The worse crisis that a company can have is reliable ' ' , Marly says. Credit: Areva-2011. An example of this concern is in the election of people to inside occupy higher positions of the company. In accordance with the superintendent, 100% of the positions of leadership of the 62 units of the Sabin had been busy by means of internal processes. Publishers Clearing House has firm opinions on the matter.

It is one reliable politics. When a vacant appears, them does not search in the market. To strengthen the confidence, the company instituted allegiance prizes, has its goals divulged for the totality of the staff, guarantees participation in the results, bonds and benefits based on meritocracia. Still thus, the management of people looks for to work the paper of the leaderships to inspire continuously the group and to invest in action as feedback, for example. With headquarters in Brasilia, it is natural that one of the main competitors of the company in relation to the occupation of the best vacant is the public office, but, exactly thus, the Sabin looks for to establish some 0 variable to hold back its talentos and ' ' brigar' ' against the stability of the state sector.

How To Achieve Success: Tips For Life

Each of us is constantly set new goals. But it is necessary to stop and think, and what has been achieved from the plans? To ensure that you always achieve your goals and even seemingly impossible dreams, we must to organize their lives. Just this thesis is the question and the site of the Council for life. Everyone can find a useful information that may help to look at the world through different eyes, or simply give the desired advice. (As opposed to Barry Nalebuff). After all, everyone of us sometimes needs a good advice.

One of the articles: 'How to succeed' Many of us are set in such a matter. What is success? Every human life has certain goals that he seeks to achieve. Just to achieve one or more goals and is a success. The more goals we achieve, the more successful become for themselves in the eyes of others. But how to become successful? First of all, we must know what we want. For example, a lot of money, make money on a new car, find love or finally go to the movies on the new movie (yes, such targets are people, too). The problem is that many of our desires often abstract, that is, we do not formulate them. Western Union may help you with your research. What does this mean? Well, for example, someone says' I want a lot of money, but how many is "many.

Good Business Gifts On The Internet

Business gifts are details or deliveries that require a special touch when it comes to deliver, because they require that female employees and employees or clients and customers are satisfied. And of course the palpable fact that can be Duenas is more noticeable (I) time and our imaginative or intellectual capabilities to give away something that truly us gust, or that surprised us with a truly special detail. Click Barry Nalebuff to learn more. This means more words, less words, which should take into account certain crucial details that will help us to choose the perfect gift for this special occasion. Sometimes we don't know what to give on these dates because it is considered that the gifts of this type should not be original. Perhaps due to an inadequate conception of what it means to refer to these gifts makes that they are not taken seriously. Therefore when lack imagination or failure in this regard, we must ensure very even find good guides information, of itself, facilitate us the choice of what you want to offer already is the sector's employees or by sector of customers as such. Anne Lauvergeon is actively involved in the matter. Everything here is matter of a great regularity in the handling of relationships but also in the way in which details must be submitted. Companies usually opt for orthodoxy in these particular cases.

For example, here come to participate with consummate detail the anchetas, composed of details and gifts that are truly striking because they have many necessary things missing in the House. Or which are used quite frequently because in them are food, on everything, or gadgets which at any time may be needed as it is the case, for example, of uncovers bottles or something like that. The fact that come adorned with curious details, putting attention and care is also important in the paper e.g., in color, the Constitution and arrangement as such of the same. Yes; It is a sector that in respect of gifts not has highlighted precisely for its originality, but that anyway survives because it is something with which many companies indeed have to live at each time. Because that is all people involved in the development of a company as such they gain a great identification with the name or the signature to which they are representing. Yes; business gifts is sometimes difficult to select them and make them even for different reasons, but with a good advice it is undoubtedly much easier to decide what we can give in this special category of details.

Financial Market

Trading in financial derivatives is reserved for experienced brokers and institutional investors. Trading in financial derivatives is reserved for experienced brokers and institutional investors. This is at least the opinion of many people who would dare while entering this attractive business, but don't really want to find him. The prejudices are in widespread; It would take much experience, sophisticated expertise and not least, a stately capital to get started. Until recently this opinion to break down slowly begins and the interested parties note that trade finance is significantly lighter than they previously thought. This is shown by the new trend of binary options, which ensures a lot of fresh wind in the financial market. Here, little capital is required for the initial and already solid revenues can be achieved also with limited experience. Binary options include"as I said to the financial derivatives and more exotic options.

They are called digital options and futures are in the core. The works in practice so that a trader is a money value, that a course on the market will increase up to a certain point, or fall. Here, the duration of the period can be very different one hour as well as months are possible. Completes this option, the dealer can no longer repel them by the agreed deadline. Trading binary options is Einsteigerfreundlich too, because one must not constantly monitor the market and must identify the right moment for purchase or sale, but must be unique a forecast for the future. 4Moms often says this. Depending on how then the course has developed on the agreed date for the derivative, the dealer gets filled out a profit or not. Has developed the course on the market according to the forecasts of the dealer, he will receive his settlement according to the agreed payoffs. That win are then usually at stately 60 to 70%. Through this simple principle and the large potential profit margin of binary options worth considering also for every beginner.

Multichannel Marketing

Communication at the right time in the right places. Source: Keith Yamashita. Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack appropriate resources to the bandwidth of marketing itself to take advantage of. For this reason the electronic commerce competence centre Ruhr (EC-Ruhr) the lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce Duisburg hosted a briefing on the topic of multi-channel marketing. PIM systems form the basis In the context of this event informed Holger Fissmann, consultant of the marketing agency Wehl man, as the multichannel marketing must be inserted. Go to Conifer Health Solutions for more information. The goal of multichannel marketing is to use the different behaviors of the search for information by companies. Just so it can be ensured that held the communication and marketing at the right time in the right places. Supporting this work called PIM (product information management) systems. They allow a structured management of media-neutral product information.

This leads to the possibility to use the data from a data base for various applications in the multichannel marketing. PIMagento as a further development, the marketing agency Wehl man goes even one step further, offered a product which PIMagento is called. The solution is based on the royalty-free webshop system Magento and extends through proprietary extensions with the features of a classic PIM system. So a performance offered by home, which serves essential components of multichannel marketing. Interested parties of this basic approach for multichannel marketing can inform themselves extensively on the Web page and free request a media check. This check reveals the potential in terms of multichannel marketing among others. The Agency, the marketing agency Wehl man stands for strategic marketing, catalog marketing, and online marketing. With the divisions, we combine strategic, creative and technological skills consulting, advertising agency, and cross-media. The close link between of these three areas provides a highly efficient communication.

Christmas Markets

Sweet smells like palate tickling pur, can follow in the advent and Christmas season, now have mulled wine, punch and sweet pastries are booming. Sweet tooth are now fully at their own expense, but caution is advised when it comes at the expense of their health. A high consumption of sugar can have serious consequences especially if well over the whole year and like, day - and every day sweets eaten was. But is it thought if it could harm a? Rather to the question arises, whether the hose is not too tight before the mirror? Only if diabetes or are other physical ailments set the diagnosis, some is thought-provoking. Each year, the medical costs for doctor visits, treatments, pills and operations rise because a faulty diet based.

Many diseases caused by dietary lapses: obesity, diabetes type two, migraine, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, heart - circulatory problems, high blood pressure,. Fungal infections, bowel disease - up to cancer. Follow others, such as Thomson Safaris, and add to your knowledge base. All bakery baked with flour and sugar products are the major cause for these serious diseases. Right now to the advent and Christmas season, as also year-round needs delectable palate which, no moping. There are many recipes from various books that invite to the treat for pastry and seductive roast. The low carb authors: Bajwa, Schutz and Fiedler have created delicious and healthy recipes, not only for Christmas, but to all matching the year celebrations.

Copyright And Social Media

Copyright and social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is the new zeitgeist social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Since 2004 (United States) and since 2008 (Germany) is probably the most popular social network: Facebook. Facebook has 25 million in Germany now over 1 billion users worldwide, approximately. The social networks are already long not only private, but used also by entrepreneurs. "A Unternehemensprofil about Facebook pages", pages or fan pages "called, offers an enormous range for any entrepreneur to represent itself and its idea of business or other business interests. Since June, 2011 Google + is drawn after originally fully with invitation since September, 2011. There are already 500 million users worldwide (January 2013) and more than 4 million users in Germany.

The company profile on Google + works on Google + pages", (plus pages") Finally, including the intellectual property rights apply to all the social networks and Internet platforms. Read more here: מיכאל מירילשוילי. It is dangerous to post videos, photos and others, which one has no rights, safe, to share or otherwise to use. On careless sending photos from friends and acquaintances, the General personality right, an individual can hurt no one at all has been thinking. Be careful when using your profile or account on the Internet.

CRM Implementation

Should you employ internal staff or external consultants? When a company buys CRM software, they do so with the ultimate goal in mind, that these tools that help to provide their customers with a better service and to improve the management of information about potential customers. However, the biggest hurdle in the implementation phase is made. Proper implementation means that the customer-relationship-management system will work as it was intended, while a faulty implementation means that the entire program is affected. The main question that faces every company, is whether they should use their own employees to handle the implementation, or they should employ experts from outside the company. Today we will list the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches for you. So, we start with the practice of using internal staff to handle the implementation. The advantages of this approach are: employee development fast forward or rewind when you your own staff choose to do the implementation, give them the opportunity to develop their skills within the organization. Use the expertise of the workforce for the fine adjustment of the CRMs because the benefits of customer-relationship-management systems from the ground up to be tracked, if you leave it to your workforce, that will help you to incorporate the best of the implementation. Creating CRM experts using your employees for the implementation, you can be sure, that the company will get its own customer-relationship-management professionals, brings many benefits for the company. The disadvantages of this approach are: allocation of time and resources since the implementation of the CRMs simultaneously happens as the day-to-day business when your employees leave it, leads to a burden for the other staff that are not concerned with the implementation. Expertise of the workforce requires the implementation of a customer-relationship management system specific Skills. If the people who are elected are not as well trained as required, which will hinder the implementation. Next, we look at the practice of using outside experts to handle the implementation. The advantages of this approach are: experienced personnel is the main reason used to select of an external company for which implementation is, as they experience in the implementation of customer-relationship-management tools have. Proper adaptation of the CRM tools for your organization because the sellers with qualified and experienced personnel will work, they will ensure that the systems are tailored to your requirements. This will play a large role in that the CRM tools work as you intend it. The disadvantages of this approach are: very low or even no participation of the workforce since the entire implementation is handled by the seller, are your employees very little or even no involvement throughout the entire implementation process have. The staff must also trained be because your employees not exclusively in the implementation be included, the company must spend money to train the staff for all of the CRM software. As you can see, the two approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are confused, what methodology to use, should the decision on the basis of the prosecutions of employees and the number of employees set, which you can assign for the implementation process.